Producer / Designer / Content Strategy
September 2, 2010 8:23 PM

Hi there,

I'm Frank Rogan, and I think I'm the Swiss Army Knife you're looking for.

Check me out:

I'm a veteran producer, product manager and designer in the video games industry, with AAA and casual project credits, and wide variety of project management experience.

Games are great, and moreover, I can apply my jack-of-all-trades skills to the areas of marketing, public relations and content strategy.

Production, Project Management
• Production leadership of multiplayer application development teams
• Management of outsourced and overseas development teams
• Scrum / agile project management

Design / Creative
• Systems and level design
• Story development, script breakdowns
• Dialog and creative writing
• Technical and design documentation
• Voiceover casting and direction

Writing / Editing
• World-class, award-winning, deadline-ready experience, including content strategy, marketing copy, daily deadline writing, copy editing and design experience for major newspapers and online publications.

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