PHP-mySQL-jQuery web developer
March 3, 2010 3:03 PM


* implement user-friendly, technically robust web-based interface for DMLC (Digital Media and Learning Competition) applicants to "upload"* their own video to existing competition applications. [*Videos to actually be hosted at a 3rd-party site such as youtube or vimeo]
* work would involve implementing video-uploader API (e.g. youtube) within context of a web form, and ensuring that this functions correctly within the technical contexts outlined below.


* March 12: beta due for testing
* March 15-18: fix bugs
* March 19: finalize for pushing live


* Functionality already exists for users to login securely and view their existing apps.
* Task at hand is to build integrated functionality for applicants to upload a video in association with their existing apps.
* Videos will not be hosted on the HRI server, but rather on a 3rd-party server such as youtube/vimeo. The uploading, serving and playback will thus be handled by implementation of the 3rd-party API.
* This video will be viewed within the DMLC application system by: 1) the applicants themselves (for verification), 2) judges, and 3) HRI in-house staff
* In addition, the video will appear in the DMLC Public Commenting interface, where it will be viewed by the public. This is a technically separate system from the DMLC application system. It will therefore be necessary for the videos to be viewable in both the DMLC app system and the DMLC public commenting system (see tech section for details)

Tech Specs:

* DMLC application system: standard PHP-mySQL backend, javascript (some jQuery) front-end, some AJAX implementation
* DMLC public commenting system: implementation of Pligg CMS (, an open source CMS system that allows for users to comment and vote on user-submitted content. For the purposes of our implementation, we have turned off the user-submission functionality and instead port in the content from the DMLC mySQL database.
* There are 2 mySQL databases at the backend: 1 for DMLC, 1 for pligg. Users enter their info into the DMLC app interface. A process is then run at the backend to populate the necessary fields in the pligg database so that the application info shows up in that interface for public commenting.
* Just FYI, the Fancybox jQuery plugin is said to work well within Pligg for displaying different kinds of vids nicely: -- however, it may be necessary to evaluate other options if this is not the case.

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