Ameri-friend: Forward package from US address to Toronto
July 23, 2009 10:56 PM

I need someone in the United States to receive and reship an order of DSL modems for me. Ideally, to minimize shipping costs, you'll be located near Toronto. Someplace in Western New York, Michigan, or whatever.

It will probably be three fairly large boxes (like a bankers box, or a little bigger) that should be opened and repackaged down to two boxes. Items are not sensitive, so careful packaging is not important.

I'm thinking that $50 pay, and reimbursement for the shipping costs would be a reasonable arrangement. Your welcome to suggest something though.

If you are interested, and all goes well, there is a very good chance I will have future jobs like this.

Contact by MeMail, or find my email address in profile.

payscale: $50, negotiable
job type: contract
posted by Chuckles to Et cetera

This job has been filled.

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