Contract, project-by-project copywriter/clever packaging writer for consumer electronics
March 17, 2009 7:51 PM

We're demanding and crazy and so busy we're drowning and we're looking for something very rare -- a brilliant, enthusiastic, intuitive write to help us out asap that meets all our weird standards.

First and foremost, you have to be a real, bona fide contractor as defined by our HR department -- business license, paid by the project, take care of your biz taxes in the right way, work off-site for the majority of the time and the whole deal -- in the US only. I'd love to use standard freelance, but I can't. We're happy to work with a one-man shop or a small agency as long as you can slip seamlessly into our Process. (Cue ominous horns.)

Second, you have to be quick, clever, clear and comfortable taking engineering gobledeegook and turning it into concise language that consumers can understand and fall in love with. That means not only writing well, but having a strategic brain -- as well as knowing which battles are important and which are as futile as a fight over the word "dongle" versus the word "receiver" when deadlines are on the line.

Third, you have to be professional enough that we can rely on you -- to only commit to us on jobs you can do well, to follow through, and to keep your cool even when you're getting writing feedback from someone for whom English may be a third or fourth language who speaks only in speeds and feeds.

Fourth, you have to not be scared off by this -- not because it isn't daunting, but because gadgets and gizmos are so cool that they're worth jumping through a few hoops to make even cooler.

Fifth, you should have a good book, a good sense of humor and a strong understanding of brand. Yes, this is like a sense of humor -- it's a given, but we have to say it anyway.

Bonus points for Bay Area, previous experience in consumer electronics, a short stint as a planner, or just an interesting back story that makes us want to spend time working with you.

payscale: To be negotiated, per project basis
job type: contract
posted by Gucky to Marketing/Advertising/PR

This job has been filled.

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