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October 7, 2008 4:48 PM

I need to find someone who can act as my go to guy for website development. I have clients asking me to help them create some small (under 5k) and large web development projects. I would simply like to middle man the situation and take a percent for handing the job off to a manager. My roles would include correspondence with clients, proposals, payments, and follow-up to name a few.

I am looking for someone that either already has a team of developers that they currently manage or is capable of creating a team that has:

A manager to oversee the project and understands requirements, deadlines, and goals. He needs to understand what designers, programmers, and testers to use for each type of project. Different types of databases, languages, coding, testing needs to complement and be designed for each project. They need to have strong interpersonal skills for communication between both me and their team.

A quality designer or team that can create stunning original work or clone the look and feel of existing stuff.

A group of programmers. LAMP (PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby too). And have an understanding or know people who can do WebObjects, Java/Java EE, Grails, and .NET architecture. Basically can get anything done if its needed. Good testers, standards checking, and validation stuff. And people that know SEO, SEM stuff as well. I think you understand what I am getting at.

As an example of a project, I currently have a hotel owner that is looking to redo his site to include a picture tour and a reservation system (he is also looking to clone the look of a similiar beachy hotel website). His system currently accepts webervations.com and would need to implemented into the site in order to work with his front-end reservation system called iMagic. I would get you the project scope and requirements and you would get the job done per the requirements and deadline, simple as that. I would also work with you to figure out technical/functional requirements from the job to bid it out correctly.

As I said before, I would simply like to middle man the situation and take a percent for handing the job off to you. My profit would be attributed to: client acquisition, correspondence, proposals, payments, and follow-up. In the above example, lets say I charge the client $4000, I would take around 30% or $1500 and leave you with $2500 as profit and for development. Obviously we can negotiate these profit percentages and they would probably change on a case by case basis, but in general that's what I'm looking to make.

And please feel free to email me if you think I am way off base with this idea. Although I have been doing web development for years, it has always been very basic and amateur (using premade templates and editing them in Dreamweaver). I really want to work with someone who asks the right questions, is honest, and can meet deadlines. My ass is on the line for getting my clients what they expect and I would never want to let them down. That's why its very critical to setup realistic expectations for them before we bid the projects (making sure we can really accomplish what we say we can). I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thanks for your time.

payscale: 70% of job cost
job type: contract
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