.net compact framework Application Developer (Short term project)
September 24, 2008 2:17 AM

&We're looking at converting a mobile webapp to run as a mobile application using the .net compact framework. The project will involve the following stages.

(1) We need some advice on what is actually possible on this platform. Specifically, can we have multiline text in grid cells; what sort of data-access to internally held data is provided how much space is available. We'll also need a bit of help tying down how long the project will take. After this step is completed, a decision will be made as to whether we go ahead with the project.

We have a very short timeline for part one of this project, but expect that it'll only need a couple of hours of your time.

(2) A Caching and queuing component. The application will sometimes be online, and it'll sometimes be offline. The queuing component will (whilst online) query a SOAP server for a list of jobs which will be presented to the UI. Changes from the UI will be queued whilst offline and then sent back to the SOAP server whilst online.

(3) The UI. This will consist of 2 forms containing about 9 tabs between them, and will include a variety of grids, text, date & time fields and HTML components. All data to these components will be provided by the caching and queuing component (above).

This is a short term project that would suit an experienced .net compact framework freelance developer. Telecommuting is expected. We're currently in the dark about how much these things cost, so we're open to offers.

payscale: We don't know.
job type: contract
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