Online Calculator developer
September 6, 2008 7:35 AM

Looking for someone who can create an online calculator(s) similar to the one on that can show how someone plugging in data can see the following:

- plug in annual salary and estimated house value increase to see how Obama's proposal would affect capital gains (don't need detail over $250,000 salary or $500,000 house value increase, can be referred to Tax Policy Center's tables over those amounts)

- plug in value of estate to see how Obama's tax proposal for estate taxes affects you. Again, don't need any detail over $3.5 million, which is where Obama freezes it.

You would work independently. We would need the code to embed calculators on a webpage. If there was a widget that could be embedded in an email, that would be an awesome extra.

Let me know how much you would require in payment to make this happen. The project would need to be complete by September 25th.


payscale: Negotiable
job type: contract
posted by jeanmari to Internet Engineering

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