Digital Media Engineer
February 6, 2008 6:32 AM

We've got an opening at the Mouse-related company where I work for a Digital Media Engineer. It's a contract position, responsible for development and support of transcoding and other digital video systems.

Here is the detailed job description:

Job Title: Digital Media Engineer
Department: Post Production Engineering
Reports To: Manager of Post Engineering
Position Summary:

* Install, configure, maintain and support transcoding and tape ingest software used to transform media content into file formats useful to a wide range of content distribution partners.


• Establish and maintain transcoding profiles for various types of content and end uses including, broadband, mobile, VOD and broadcast.

• Establish and maintain network directories for operational personnel to locate, transcode, package, QC and deliver media files and data packages to content distribution partners.

• Generate technical documentation that will be useful to those who follow in similar positions and to those who operate the software and equipment in day to day production. Conduct training for operational personnel.

• Thoroughly understand transcoding software and perform basic troubleshooting. This may include opening and examining XML files, configuring system preferences and settings, and viewing media files for quality and properties. Maintain communication with technical support departments of vendors to resolve problems and feature requests.

* Develop and maintain workflows with other departments. Diagram and communicate such workflows with Powerpoint and Visio. Maintain a working knowledge of hardware and software including but not limited to Avid, Apple, HP and Seachange.

* Perform PC and Mac configuration and troubleshooting in regard to video and transcoding functionality.

Job Related Experience:

* At least 2 years experience with post production hardware and software, particularly content transformation applications from companies such as Autodesk, Telestream, Sorenson, and Anystream. Also helpful would be experience with content generation software such as After Effects, Combustion and Final Cut.

* Knowledge of the technical aspects of various media file formats such as VBI, closed captioning, frame rates, pixel dimensions, aspect ratios, bit rates, color space, GOP structure, metadata packaging and differences in video standards.

* Sufficient work history with Final Cut, Avid Media Composer and Unity systems to be able to communicate clearly with NLE editors, data wranglers and management personnel.

* Basic familiarity with IP addressing, file and directory permissions and networking concepts and terminology.

Job Related Education:

* Helpful but not required: AA or above degree in Film and Television Production or Computer Graphics. Linux and Perl scripting.
* Avid, Apple, Linux, A+ certifications are a plus

payscale: Commensurate with skill level
job type: contract
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