Web Security Analyst and/or Engineer
January 9, 2008 1:58 PM

We're looking for a Web Security Analyst and/or Engineer. We're a self-contained part of a Large Networking Company. Well, we're a small research/prototype oriented group within the self-contained...etc. We're in the SF Bay Area.

We need someone who understands web security and malware. Not just watches the latest updates and knows to not click on URLs in spam, but someone who understands fast-flux, reverse proxies, zero-day i-frame exploits, and spearphishing. We'd like to add a domain expert who really understands the technical and social engineering aspects . We need to be more plugged in to the active research community; pre-emptively identifying new sources of infection and risk; and coming up with creative ways to defend against them.

It's a pretty fun place to work (since we're an analysis group within what was a startup until last year when we got Assimilated) - and also pretty stable (since we're part of a large company). We have a range of science and tech backgrounds, and generally like people who can actually do solid engineering themelves, not just pontificate. Though if you pontificate really well (and write papers and design things that work) we're probably interested. We do a lot of conference and research work, but we also have real products with real customers and that drives everything we do.

payscale: $85k to $150k
job type: full-time
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