Data cleaning + entry (before Feb 7)
January 31, 2021 2:46 PM

Hello! I am looking to hire someone for a data entry job (no programming experience needed, just Excel skills). I am looking to create a dataset as such:

- Create a spreadsheet where the primary keys are the list of countries here:
- For each country, make new columns with its dominant religion and %, from this page:
- For each country, make a new column with its region from this page:
- Note down any countries that are missing data

Please note that some country names may be different or inconsistent between sources.

So, one example row looks like this:

Afghanistan | Muslim | 99.7% | ASIA (EX. NEAR EAST)

For formatting, a .csv or .json (or spreadsheet convertible to either format) is fine.

I can pay $20 (USD)/hour (more if you are a skilled programmer). If you are interested, please write to me with an estimate of the # of hours and the turnaround. I would be looking to have it completed before Feb 7. Thank you!

payscale: $20/hour
job type: contract
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This job has been filled.

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