Seeking a pixel artist on a VERY TIGHT TIMELINE at a PREMIUM fee
July 13, 2020 8:59 AM

Are you a pixel artist / do you know of a pixel artist who can help me immediately? Budget is no issue. I'm hosting a virtual birthday party this Saturday night (July 18th) via the platform and am seeking a pixel artist to commission a tilemap for the event. I'm looking to create an outdoor winery/beer garden environment for about 55 participants.

Elements I'm thinking about including are picnic tables, flowering plants and trees, a virtual "bar" station, a pond/pool, a dance floor, and some outdoor lounge furniture (bean bags, hammock, etc.). I'm looking for a relaxed, artistic, natural, and colorful environment. I found a few reference pieces that I like stylistically and could even be incorporated directly into the map:

Gather map guidelines are here:

I'm in a bind because I was working with the folks at and their designers but the draft they sent back to me today ( is entirely not my style. Before starting to work with, I reached out to users on (including the two I linked to above) but only received one response. The response I received was from a user who is no longer a pixel artist and was not willing to take on the commission. That artist kindly suggested I post on the commissions section of PixelJoint's forum but was unable to as a new user so hit a wall there. I'm planning to post ads on Reddit and Deviant Art shortly. I'm also aware of this ( previous question and will be exploring all routes therein today.

Ideally responses to this question would be people who are or know a pixel artist willing to take on this project (at a handsome fee!). I'm also open to ideas of other forums to post on but that is clearly a less direct and time efficient route.

payscale: $2,000
job type: contract
posted by oliviairis to Art/Media/Design

This job has been filled.

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