Music Tracks for DVD - Are You in a Band? Know a Band?
April 9, 2007 10:52 PM

Sorry if this is the wrong place but it's not technically a Web Project so I'll try listing it here:

We are doing a test DVD giveaway with a retailer/restaurant in SoCal.

This disc will be distributed free in high schools and with the retailer. Along with college & education videos and information, we want to include some fun stuff like music.

we want to include 4-5 (or more) music tracks (mp3 or AAC - no DRM) from 2 or more bands/performers.

This is just a test so it will be around 20k discs and limited in geographic distribution to SoCal.

There is NO cost to you and you only grant us the limited time rights to give the tracks away in on this DVD. There will be room to include a music video if you so choose. You continue to hold all rights before and after.

Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who might be interested.

Just send me your url and any specific tracks you'd like us to listen to.

DO NOT email us any tracks.

DO NOT email us any tracks.

Also note - your music must pass "language" muster for high school students/corporate America so you're uncomfortable with that ...

If this test goes well, we will go national with the next disc but we will talk to you afterwards as a separate issue.

If you are selected, we will tell you exactly what retailer is involved with this disc and any additional details or questions you might have. Thanks.

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