Electrical Engineer and Admin Posistions Available at Space Tech Company
June 14, 2018 7:00 AM

Hi folks! I work for a small contract engineering firm outside Louisville, KY. We're currently hiring for Electrical Engineering and Admin roles.

We do the bulk of our contract work for NASA, designing life science experiments that fly on the ISS, although we're always trying to diversify and get outside the airlock and on other rides to space. We also do a non-trivial amount of regenerative medicine R&D, along with some other smaller DoD contracts. We have about 50 employees now, most of whom work on-site in Greenville, IN. Relocation possibly considered.

Some of the cooler projects I've been able to work on include a Space Bone Densitometer and a Space Centrifuge

Electrical Engineer Details
An ideal candidate has a diverse background in product design, manufacturing, and embedded systems, but most important is being able to learn and apply new skills quickly.

Admin Details
This person is effectively THE support person for everyone in the company, responsible for taking care of everything from HR paperwork, contract minutiae, and arranging travel for folks, to helping out with engineering QA paperwork, and developing policies and procedures.

Drop me a line here or via the apply-to email if you have any questions. I've been an Electrical Engineer here for almost 6 years now.

payscale: Depends on Experience and Education
job type: full-time
posted by Zuph to Architect/Engineer/CAD

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