Engineering trained, creative minded
October 12, 2010 9:00 PM

I have a MS in electrical engineering, a BS in aerospace engineering, and work experience in everything from operating the space shuttle to wireless communications research to Photoshop peon. I work effectively both independently and as part of teams, and I thrive on being able to cross-pollinate ideas from one field to the next. I'm best at finding creative ways to implement these ideas:

- For my senior undergraduate project, I collaborated with a multidisciplinary engineering team to create a wearable personal magnetic field detection system for MRI scanning facilities.
- For my master's thesis I developed algorithms to enable faster transfer of audio and video data to multiple users, informed by previous experiences working with packet radio in small satellite development.
- During shuttle mission STS-131, when the high-bandwidth antenna failed, I suggested using iPods to transfer video files to the International Space Station.

I believe the "why" of designing products and solutions is just as important as "how" they are engineered, and that innovation is the result of combining technology and aesthetics effectively, with an emphasis on finding new ways to look at existing situations.

This is me, if the extra information helps.

CV/resume and cover letter available on request.

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