I need a knit Adult JCVJ Onesie
January 13, 2018 8:55 AM

I have no idea of what the cost would be for someone to knit me a John Claude Van Johnson onesie for a 6'3" adult. It doesn't have to be knit... but... that was in the initial imagining...

I don't know what this would look like. I cannot begin to describe how weird this is. But I'm ready to figure this out... I am weirdly dimensioned - so we're going to need to talk this through (waist, inseam arms, torso, etc)

No really mods, I'm 100% legit this is not a stunt post!

And yes, if we make this happen there will be pics... or it didn't happen Taz!

payscale: I have no idea - I will definitely pay materials and time.
job type: contract
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