Coach me through The Odin Project
October 18, 2017 9:45 AM

After 17 years on Mefi, I want to learn how to code. I like the hacker boot camp model but don't really need a job (am semi retired). I need a coach / tutor who can guide me through learning full stack basics, in a really super practical way. I found The Odin Project which seems to have a decent curriculum substrate for moving from theory to production, so landed there.

Would really value a coach to not only give me real world advice and trouble shooting but also to keep me a bit motivated and on point over the next year. I'm open to all types of arrangements. Of course thinking remote as I live in the boonies but also it is 2017. Humor and patience a requirement.

Drope me a line if interested. Thanks!!

payscale: Open
job type: contract
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