Edit a music video
October 7, 2016 7:53 AM

We filmed a music video. Editing it together has turned out to be beyond my abilities.

There's one master take of the song beginning to end, 2:47. Then 7 or 8 other clips a few minutes long with lots of good shots. There is absolutely a complete video to be cut together here.

The soundtrack to the clips (the band miming playing to the song, of course) is such that you can do a multi-camera clip synced together in Premiere. That plus drop in nicely timed compelling moments from the other angles and takes (divorced from being at the actual right moment of the song) and I think there's a pretty good video.

But, my elderly machine chokes on it. And I'm just not adept enough with the program to know how to work around it.

I'm figuring this would be an amusing afternoon or two for someone, and will result in a goofy video. There's some great stuff in the clips, it's a burner of a song, and there's a 'hook' to the video we shot that will make this at least moderately compelling.

The $100 is not intended to actually 'buy' your services. It is a token amount offered (in earnest!) by a broke rock and roll band that plays for beer and needs help.

payscale: $100
job type: contract
posted by dirtdirt to TV/Film/Video/Radio

This job has been filled.

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