Write a scraper and app for Ipad that collects and displays comic-book covers
October 4, 2014 1:29 PM

This is contract work. I would like to be able to view images of old comic book covers on my ipad. The comic book covers can be scraped from web-accessible databases. I'd like a program or app that could display them on my ipad.

These are copyrighted materials. This would solely be for my own use, not for circulation or profit. Note that the images are available at such sites as this one and this one.

I'd like the program to have the following options to be user-designable:
1. Randomly chosen images from the entire database.
2. Particularly chosen runs of images (that is, the user picks which set of images to display). For instance, suppose there are four sets of images, consisting of runs of Alpha, Beta, Zeta, and Gamma Comics. I would like to be able to choose to view one of these particular sets, and page forwards and backwards through that series.

also, I'd like to be able to choose between:
3. Time delayed change of images, which user can pause and restart (as well as choose time delay).
4. User can page forwards and backwards through images by tapping screen.

Also, I'd like to be able to choose between various formats of image change:
5. One image dissolves into another
6. Old image rolls off screen to right (or left), and is replaced by new image that rolls onto screen from left (or right).

7. Ideally, I would like the program to present very small thumbnail images of each image in a particular set, one of which I could choose from. When a particular image is chosen, it will then enlarge so as to fill the entire screen.

I would like the program to be expandable, in that the best course of action for the programmer would IMO be to build a low-image version of the program that contains relatively few sets of images, make sure the program works, and then be available to build a more expanded version of the program (that is, one in which the programmer imports more sets of images). In other words, a successful completion of the low-image version of the program means another contract for the programmer.

I just really like old DC comic book covers and would enjoy being able to browse through them on my app. Because I sometimes travel beyond the reach of wireless access, I would like the information to be contained on my ipad, not on the web.

In short, the contractor's job is to (1) figure out how to scrape the images, (2) write a program or app that displays those images & meets the 7 criteria above with a clean and intuitive interface, and (3) assist me in getting the program or app onto my ipad (this last step is, I assume, pretty trivial).

I would welcome a bid on this. I am open to any reasonable suggestion of a reasonable hourly wage and number of hours to complete the task of a low-image program.

Please memail me with any questions. I guess we'd need to discuss whether the contractor prefers ios 7 or ios 8. I imagine I have left something important out; please memail me to request clarifications. For bid purposes, assume a low-image version of this requests consists of 4 series consisting of a total of 2000 images. To repeat, ideally the program could be rebuilt/expanded by the programmer so as to contain more images.

payscale: bid requested
job type: contract
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