Java/Perl Web Developer
February 2, 2007 9:47 AM

Texterity seeks experienced Java/Perl developers to build innovative web applications. The web development team builds a web reader application, comprised of template-driven web interfaces and middleware, driven by complex back-end systems serving the magazine content, and performing usage tracking and content security. The web developer will be working on projects following an internal product roadmap, with flexibility to add features as customers request and as the evolving market drives us. We are looking for individuals who will contribute to our roadmap by dreaming up new ways of doing things and driving to make those real.

Texterity is a leading provider of complete digital magazine publishing solutions entering its third year of 100% growth. Texterity is the only company providing a complete digital solution that includes true Web-based magazine delivery as well as circulation-building and e-commerce programs necessary for publishers to make these initiatives successful. Our clients are the leading business-to-business and consumer magazine publishers including Meredith, PennWell, Condé Nast, Penton Media, Time Inc., and Hearst.

We are committed to helping the magazine publishing industry add value and break new ground with digital editions, and are looking for passionate and energetic employees that can help us realize this goal.

Minimum requirements:
* Fundamental knowledge of web application architecture, database design (MySQL), web servers (Apache), JavaScript, HTML
* Experience with Template Toolkit in Perl
* Experience with Flash and ActionScript, and other multimedia formats.
* Knowledge of DHTML, XML, CSS, DOM, XML Schema, and parsers
* Experience building web user interfaces for technical tools/workflows
* Strong knowledge of UNIX or Linux
* Knowledge/experience in Java
* Ability to work with a team in a collaborative environment
* Good written and verbal communications
* BS and 3+ years of experience in software engineering

Desired skills:
* Experience with high availability server systems using load balancing, caching and optimization techniques in a multi-tiered environment
* Advanced knowledge of Perl with emphasis on OOP, mod_perl, and MySQL integration
* Working knowledge of web application authentication and security methods

payscale: Competitive
job type: full-time
posted by Plutor to Internet Engineering

This job has been filled.

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