Frontend Web Engineer
August 15, 2013 7:34 AM

We're looking for a frontend web engineer/developer.

See the position posting here: Frontend Web Engineer.

High points:

  • HTML, CSS, Javsascript, JQuery is a plus. Cross-browser goes without saying. You'll need to understand how to get something to show up right in Firefox 22 AND in IE7.

  • PHP with Symfony2 will be your bread and butter.

  • We use the MVC features of Symfony heavily and you will need to wax eloquent about the merits of keeping display logic separate from code.

  • Server-side scripting languages that are up and coming in our environment include Ruby and Python, and we hope you'll understand them too.

  • We're a Linux environment, so understanding of typical linuxisms like ssh and source code management systems is necessary.

This position will need to be stateside. It is a HIPAA environment. This position is qualified for telecommute for the right candidate. Otherwise, offices are available in Austin, TX, Indianapolis, IN, and Deerfield Beach, FL (north of Miami).

I'm posting this as an employee, not as a HR person or boss. I can personally attest to the absolute fact that employees are treated VERY well at this company. The pay is incredibly competitive. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to MeFi Mail me -- the email posted below is the apply-to email. I can't help you much with the application process, but I can answer questions or refer you to someone who can.

See our employment page for details on how to apply and other jobs that are available. Please send a coverletter and a resume.

payscale: Super competitive
job type: full-time
posted by SpecialK to Internet Engineering

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