Looking for mid-level leatherworker in Chicago, have mats, will tip.
September 28, 2012 10:38 AM

It's getting to be that chilly time of year, so I want to fix up a brown leather jacket that has seen better days. I want to keep it instead of replace it for several reasons, so I'm looking for someone in the Chicago area to give it some love. Suggestions for tailor shops are fine (I've also seen a couple online services who do leather jackets), but I'd prefer to give my money to Mefites who work with leather if possible.

Here's what it needs:

1. The lining is torn to shreds. This is probably the last on my priority list, and I assume it would also be the most expensive. As long as I could get working pockets again I would be fine for the short term.

2. The sleeves are too short. I bought the jacket before I was fully done with puberty, and while now the cuffs hang at a comfortable length, when I reach anywhere above my waist I feel like I have John McCain T-rex arms. I don't have any experience in modifying clothing like this, but adding material at the shoulder seams seems like the easiest option. I found a ripped up black jacket at the thrift store that would be a nice contrasting color, and hope this could be used for the shoulders.

3. There is a quarter-sized hole in the right elbow. Adding elbow pads would probably look the best and prevent further hole-age, and the same leather I mentioned above would probably work for this too.

4. Part of the collar and the one corner of the center button closure thing have always been curled slightly. This bothers me more than it probably should. I've tried several things over the years to try and un-curl them, but nothing has really worked.

5. A bit more overall length would be nice, but might look weird with a black ring running around the bottom edge.

Thanks for your suggestions!

payscale: See above.
job type: contract
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