iPad App developer wanted for freelance project
August 22, 2012 11:44 AM

Greetings Mefites,

I have a detailed concept for an iPad app and need a developer (or small team) to build it.

I am an individual, not a company, and I don't have R&D funding, so work would have to be done on a pro-bono-until-it-sells basis. I realize this is a big ask. In return for your time I will split net profits generously.

The app idea is a unique one, and although I don't want to share details publicly I can say that this will be a tool for designing decorative textiles. According to the latest market research there are over 10 million potential users of this app in North America alone. There is nothing like it on the App Store, so I think this has real potential to sell well.

What I bring to the project:
A very detailed and specific plan for the application's functions, features, and user interface.

Project management experience and organizational skills to keep the project on track and see it to completion.

A group of volunteer testers that will be able to identify bugs and give feedback during the development process.

Contact with well-known authorities in the target market who will help promote the finished application.

What you bring to the project:
1-2 years iPad application development experience (please list at least 2 completed apps that you did significant work on). Mac desktop app experience is a bonus but not required.

A willingness to work steadily on this project to meet mutually-agreed-upon deadlines for each phase of development.

payscale: Share of net profits
job type: contract
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