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August 16, 2012 1:22 PM

I'm a developer for a small company in Los Angeles. We have a software suite, comprised of both web-based and desktop applications (Mac), but I believe our purposes may be met by a new system that can be entirely web-based.

This is a large project, and one which, for various reasons, we can't implement all at once. We have to do this in steps. Before we move forward on it, I'd like to have as complete a picture as possible of the final project, so that as it's built, each new component will fit together with minimal complications.

I am overseeing this project, and I'm familiar with the necessary functionality, how we've done things in the past, and how I'd like to see them done in the future. The simplest way of describing it is a very specialized kind of CMS, to be installed on private servers for various clients, and administered by a relatively small number of people within that company. Ideally, it would have a basic web API, so different components for accessing the database (for instance, a mobile app, or embedded widget) could be developed without changing the core software. I envision it being based on PHP, MySQL, AJAX and DHTML; and any well supported frameworks or engines, like jQuery, Smarty, etc., are OK.

This isn't a simple job. I want to establish a working relationship with some developers, so we can talk briefly online, or on the phone, about the possible ways to accomplish our goal, or different/better approaches than I might have considered.

I can't put a price or timeline on this yet, as I expect the discussions I have with any developers to help define what the tasks necessary to this project will be. So, if you have a strong background in web applications, user interface, and/or the technologies mentioned above, contact me if you're interested in consulting (free at first, but I'll do my best to avoid wasting your time), to help define this project, determine if your skillset is a match, and ultimately build it.

payscale: TBD
job type: contract
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