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August 12, 2012 1:19 PM

I work with an author-related convention based in Boston. We need the program management aspect of the site to be revamped. It's your basic event management system, tracking users, panels, tracks, and so forth, with two significant exceptions:

1) No money is processed through it. eCommerce is not required at all.

2) When an admin schedules panels, they need to see recommendations made by the software based on panelist input. For example, "I want to watch this panel (so don't put me on it)", or "I don't want to work with that panelist".

I would be entirely fine with someone taking something that exists and modifying it. The issue is not "We need something that's exclusively ours", it's that our software as it stands sucks a whole lot. I'm smart with testing and minor scripting, but I don't have the mindset for a project of this scope, which is why I'm ISO quotes.

We are a nonprofit, which is why the budget is as low as it is.

Thank you!

payscale: budget: $500-$1000
job type: contract
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