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August 6, 2012 4:37 PM

Watertown Community Foundation
Request for Proposal (Website Development)

Watertown Community Foundation, a nonprofit based in Watertown, Massachusetts, seeks a Wordpress developer to implement our updated website.

Please submit a bid by August 8, 2012.

Who We Are
Watertown Community Foundation (WCF) is a public foundation that benefits the people and nonprofit organizations of Watertown, Massachusetts. Our mission is to promote a strong, close-knit community by fostering connections, mutual respect, and support for those in need among Watertown's diverse residents. Our activities include making educational and health-related grants to local nonprofits, supporting efforts to revitalize our town's riverfront, providing small grants for neighborhood block parties, and providing financial assistance and resources for residents of our town with urgent needs.

Project Description
The project is a redesign of our current website ( Our goals for the redesign are:
• To make it simple and quick for multiple members of our leadership group to modify, update and post new information;
• To allow for frequent updates so that visitors to the site can see at a glance our recent and upcoming activities;
• To provide all the information that applicants for our grants need, including the grant-making schedule and links to applications and related resources;
• To obtain donations from and provide general information about WCF and its activities to community members; and
• To incorporate our updated logo (to be created) and differentiate our website from the websites from other "Watertown Community Foundations" in different states.

In addition, we want the redesign to keep in mind two future goals:
• To be integrated with our e-newsletter (which we hope to start within the next year);
• To connect with other local nonprofits by providing links, related resources, or a shared calendar.

Project Requirements
Our website committee has put together a wireframe design for the new website. While we are open to suggestions, this wireframe includes the information the website should present and describes how the information should be organized. Please contact Michael Schade, Executive Director of WCF, at for a copy of the wireframe.

We have opted to use Wordpress as a platform because it meets our goal of ease of updating by multiple people, and because it is highly customizable. We are seeking a developer with experience using and customizing templates in Wordpress.

Your role would be to
(1) analyze the wireframe;
(2) customize our already installed Wordpress template (Cascadia, a ThemeForest template) or recommend a different appropriate template in accordance with the wireframe;
(3) set up the various areas of the site and the site organization in accordance with the wireframe; and
(4) add content that we provide, including text, images, and video.

We would expect that throughout the process, you would communicate regularly with a designated member of our website committee, would discuss with us any recommended modifications or clarifications to the wireframe, and would be responsive within reason to any feedback or suggestions that we provide.

Some websites of other local foundations that are similar to our desired outcome are:
• Brookline Community Foundation (
• Arlington Community Foundation (

Estimated Project Duration
We estimate that this project will require approximately 20-30 hours, including time to implement the website and time spent communicating with WCF's website committee. Our schedule is flexible, but we would like this project to be complete by the end of the calendar year.

One possible timeline is as follows:
August 8, 2012: Submit bid in response to RFP
August 27, 2012: WCF selects a developer after evaluating RFP responses
September 8, 2012: Developer meets (in person or by phone) with website committee for initial consultation
October 1, 2012: Initial draft of website ready for WCF review
November 1, 2012: Website committee submits list of requests to developer
December 1, 2012: Final website complete

Submission Information / Additional Information
Please submit bids by email to Michael Schade, Executive Director of WCF, at by August 8, 2012. You may also contact Mike at 617-926-1500 for additional information or clarifications regarding this RFP.

Selection Criteria
Our criteria for selecting a developer will include: web development experience; experience with Wordpress specifically; price of bid and ability to work within our timeline; and previous experience working with nonprofits or similar organizations. Please include in your response links to other websites you have developed, and a description of your typical design, development, and implementation process. Your response should also include your billing rates, an estimated price and timeframe for the completed project, and any initial thoughts you have on the project or the wireframe. We reserve the right to evaluate, accept, or reject any bid in our sole discretion.

payscale: subject to bid
job type: contract
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