Super quick 1 page html5 and css3 gig!
June 23, 2012 3:01 PM

If this takes you more than an hour, and you are a good developer, I'll eat my hat. I have been learning enough html5 and css3 to be slightly dangerous and I've gotten my resume site almost where I want it to be.
But I haven't actually coded in years.

However, I cannot quite get a couple of things to work. I would like:
-the contact information on the right to all be in the smaller serifed type, with the rollovers for the Twitter and email links.
-the line breaks to all work properly.
-the sections, including the header and footer to use alternating colors. You can use whatever, I'll change it.
-I would like a windowpane on-hover expand effect for the earlier experience bit.

Extra bonus:
-a nifty but tasteful set of widgets for downloading various formats of the resume.
-a short email describing what you've done and why it works.

I will not shortchange you. Please quote me via MeFi mail or gmail what you think reasonable and I can PayPal it.

payscale: Up to $100ish
job type: contract
posted by lackutrol to Web/HTML/Info Design

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