NYC Apple Genius who makes house calls
February 20, 2012 1:02 PM

My sister has 4,000 photos and videos from my niece's first year on her iPhone. Her phone is now full and she is for some reason unable to migrate these images off her phone to her Mac. Despite the fact that images appear to be intact, she is getting some kind of iPhoto corruption error she is unable to relay to me when she attempts to do this. The Genius Bar has apparently told her to install an application that was not helpful but does show missing data. She is profoundly un-technical, I live in Ireland, and I do not speak Apple anyway.

What I know: she has an iPhone, a Mac laptop, and a USB cable.

I would like to pay some kind and capable soul to go to my sister's UWS apartment, diagnose the issue and deal with this. Evenings or weekends are great.

I would like to pay for this rescue operation using PayPal and my debit card, as (again) I am in Ireland. I would propose to pay for 2 hours up front via PayPal invoice and the balance (if any) when completed. Please quote me an hourly rate; I just made one up :)

payscale: $25+ per hour (please give rate)
job type: contract
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