Pastured livestock farm caretaker
February 13, 2012 12:16 PM

Salary: $2000 a month + 50% of profits + small one bedroom cottage or room on farm or living stipend to live nearby
Location: Near Madison, WI

Small farm looking for a farm manager. We have twenty acres (plus we can rent more) and thirty cows, which we want to raise 100% grass-fed. Responsibilities would include taking care of cattle, supervising farm improvements, and assisting with very basic marketing tasks such as taking animals to the meat processor. Right now we have a conventional farmer neighbor care-taking, but we are looking for a full-time caretaker absolutely committed to pastured grass-fed livestock. This is a job for a person who is comfortable enough with farming to be an independent caretaker, since our family is currently not living in the area. It is not an internship, though we are willing to pay for you to go to conferences or courses related to pastured livestock. You can also keep your own livestock on the property, provided there is enough room. There is no hourly requirement, as long as the cows and the land is healthy. Our goals are to improve the pastures on the farm, build a healthy herd, and have enough product to build a market with. We plan on selling meat in the Chicagoland area though a buying club.

payscale: $24,000+ possible housing stipend + percentage of profits
job type: contract
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This job has been filled.

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