Web Engineer
September 21, 2011 12:05 PM


We're a small team with a big project and we're looking for smart people who get things done to help us build our application, and build it right.

Our web app is built with Ruby on Rails with a awesome javascript front end in Extjs. We use a continuous deployment server, Github, Linux, Nginx, Redis, Resque, etc. We vastly prefer opensource tools and aren't afraid to work on the cutting edge. We believe that to make cool stuff you have to move fast and break things.

We've got solid funding, a whole bunch of people that not only use the hell out of our service, but actually pay us too.

We pay well, we've got a sweet office that overlooks the East River. We believe that culture is crucial in any organization, but especially in a small one like ours and thus make decisions based on our culture: Assholes need not apply. We believe in strong opinions weakly held: Defend your opinion but be ready to change your mind in the face of evidence. We believe in science, evidence, testing and each other. If you're interested in working in an extremely low bureaucracy but high productivity environment, this is the place.

You must have code you've written that runs and that you can show us. Extra bonus points if it's an open source project. We don't really care what language it was written in (Nevertheless, we will try to not only run it but understand it). Send it over to us with an email briefly explaining who you are, what kind of job you're looking for and your resume if you've got one. Code is the best resume of all.

No Recruiters!

payscale: Competitive + Equity
job type: full-time
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