Mobile, Android and iOS game/graphics developer.
August 3, 2011 8:15 PM

This is for a contract job. I'm seeking estimated bids for funding and budgeting purposes. I know this is a long shot, but maybe there's a graphics-savvy MeFite out there that has what I'm looking for. I have a really cool idea for a program but it's way beyond my skills.

For MetaFilter users this job is open globally. Telecommuting is fine. I'm trying to cast a wide net because I'm looking for something/someone pretty specific.

For the right match I'm also offering percentage points of the net sales of the app beyond your contract price.

If you know a programmer who may be a good fit, please do feel free send them my way.

Below is a copy of my CL ad. I can discuss more detail about the actual project in email or mefi-mail. Also - if you don't think you have the heavy math/physics skills, I have a mathematician on standby who can help us get the math right.

I am seeking contract or freelance Android and iOS developer for a game-like utility application.

Target platforms:
Android experience is a priority and a must. Java for Android/Darvik.
Target is 1.6 for backwards compatibility and broad reach.
You should have an Android platform phone or other device with a gyro/accel chip.
iOS and Objective C, C, or C++ experience is a bonus, but Android is required.
Using a dual-platform SDK like Corona is acceptable based on app performance.
Other preferred game or graphics oriented SDKs are fine as long as they target Android.
Use of a custom SDK or wrapper system is also acceptable based on compiled performance. If you want to do it in Javascript, Ruby or Lua or even Brainfuck I don't care as long as it runs to spec when it compiles and I can read the remarked source code.

Use of real time gyro sensor data.
Noise reduction and interpretation of sensor data - some DSP or other signal processing experience is a plus.
Use of physics simulation.
Real time graphics integrating the sensor data with the physics simulation.
Light database integration to store user values.

This is stand alone application. Network and OS API integration is not required at this time.

Approximate source code size is estimated to be somewhere around 100 lines, give or take. It's not going to be a very large or complicated program. The idea is straight forward. But it needs to be a clever program. This isn't a hard limit or specification - just a description of general complexity expected.

To apply:

Submit a general bid or quote. I would rather you overbid a little than underbid. I won't hold you to it until we meet and I describe the project in more detail.

Be local and available for development meetings - but remote offers with clear communication skills may be acceptable.

Bonus: Compose an Android 1.6 application that displays a drawn object of your choice that reacts to accelerometer data as though it were a physical object in a box on the screen. I'm looking for speed, sensitivity to gyro data and solid framerates, especially on older hardware.

payscale: Contract - Freelance - DOE
job type: contract
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