short-term coding projects
June 2, 2011 9:03 AM

Because of various crazy time-consuming art projects, I can't do full-time or permanent jobs, but art doesn't pay well, so I'm looking for odd jobs. Part-time, preferably offsite, preferably small jobs (10-50 hours).

Some projects I've done in that kind of time frame:
Interactive ad banners (Flash)
Custom site navigation menu (Flash)
Back-end to an iPhone app to provide image storage with sharing on Facebook, Twitter, etc. (Straight PHP/MySQL)
Prototype for a toy company: handheld game that looks for bright colors in the environment and reflects them on RGB LED (Microcontroller and hardware)
Web site for sharing and tagging music snippets for a music education class (PHP/CodeIgniter)

Stuff I can do:
Flash/Actionscript for games and interactives
PHP & MySQL for back-end coding (especially CodeIgniter framework)
Java for back-end coding
Processing-Arduino-microcontroller hardware prototyping
Python & web2py framework
Javascript and browser-side libraries

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