Web Developer (J2EE)
March 13, 2011 11:39 AM

Looking for Chicago-based web developers, either full time or 6m+ consultant.

Competitive salary, good company to work for, interesting work. If you know anyone who might fit the bill please mefi-mail me.

* Client/server applications using Java EE technologies (JSP/Request Handlers/DAO)
* Rich web applications using Ajax and advanced interactive Javascript with HTML/XML. jQuery expertise is a plus
* Tomcat, Web Logic Server, or other Java Web Application Servers
* Designing and writing Web Services in a SOA architecture
* Proficient using the Spring framework for various purposes (Data retrieval and Spring MVC)
* Knowledge or experience creating fine-grained modular services to facilitate OSGi-based applications is a strong desire

payscale: Competitive Salaried FT or Hourly consultant
job type: full-time
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