Taxonomy Data Analyst
January 24, 2011 12:51 PM

ByteManagers is the world's leading provider of quality data solutions that transform disparate and 'dirty' data into usable and valuable information. At ByteManagers, we're passionate about the impact we make on our clients' business through world-class execution of Product Data initiatives. Do you share the same passion for data and taxonomy? If yes, ByteManagers is looking for on-going relationships with information architects, data analysts and taxonomists to help us fulfill the many projects that we are landing each month.
Information Analyst would be involved in understanding of content, technology, interaction design and usability, accessing project’s needs; assisting the content strategists; scoping and developing the technical considerations; visualizing concepts and producing concise site maps, wireframes, diagrams and schematics.
Information Analyst would also be required to help creating site structures, page wireframes, and interface requirements that makes the user experience easy and quick and must have knowledge of building taxonomy/hierarchy and categorization.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Analyze audiences and their information and functional needs
2. Define site architecture and navigation that serves as a blueprint of the site upon which all other aspects are built
3. Create detailed content inventories by understanding, and researching business concept, strategy, objectives, and user requirements
4. Knowledge of review and refine existing taxonomies, metadata and attribute schemas
5. Map and refine data models for complex ecommerce product lines
6. Perform content audits and content analysis
7. Build Controlled Vocabulary and creating Keywords
8. Develop Product Taxonomies And Interpreting Data
9. Develops information structure, features, functionality, workflow, navigation, and user-interface design thru a series functional design documents such as site maps, process flow diagrams, and annotated wireframes that encapsulate business, user and system logic
10. Work with web designers and developers to ensure the graphic design and final delivery is consistent with the user Interface requirements and usability best practices
11. Experience in building and maintaining relationships
12. Analyze and advance industry trends in classification, faceted search and data modeling
13. Experience in analyzing large volumes of data
14. Must be able to organizes thoughts and activities in a logical manner
15. Must have the ability to make the complex succinct and simple, clarity of thought extremely valued
Education Requirements
• Minimum Requirement: Bachelor
• 2 to 3 years of working experience
• Masters in Linguistics (Strongly Preferred)
• Foreign Language Specialization = Desirable
• Masters in Library and information Sciences (MLIS) = Desirable
• Experience involving e-commerce and techniques in handling large, complex, data
• Experience in gathering user data, interpreting the results, and translating them into solutions
• Excellent communication Skills
• Multi tasking

Headquarters: Chicago
Candidate Location: Chicago (Preferable)
Possibility of working remotely: ok but not desirable

payscale: $40,000-$60,000"
job type: full-time
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