Quick job - fix my Makerbot!
January 5, 2011 9:04 PM

Hi there. I recently acquired a Cupcake CNC kit from Makerbot industries.

I've built pretty much everything, but I'm now running into some advanced issues, having to do with excess noise generated by some of the components. For a problem very similar to mine, see this forum post. Basically I now get "Slave Timeout" errors from the extruder controller when I try to issue commands; the version numbers of the motherboard and extruder controller are read (intermittently) so I'm pretty sure the boards aren't busted.

Frankly, I don't have the skills to fix this, but my guess is that a moderately advanced electronics person - or someone who knows the Makerbot well - does.

If you take the job and are able to fix the 'bot for me, defined as allowing me to reliably issue commands to the extruder from the ReplicatorG control panel, I will give you $100, even if it only takes you 10 minutes. If you aren't able to fix it, I will pay you $40 per hour for your time. Happy to come to you if you live in the Portland area.


payscale: $40 per hour or $100
job type: contract
posted by thumpasor to Skilled Trades/Artisan

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