Jack of All Trades - Writing/Editing/Transcription/Web Design/Etc.
December 15, 2010 1:06 PM

In the past several years I've been employed by real estate agents, a non-profit animal shelter, and a computer repair/website design shop. Before that, I've worked in retail and wholesale environments. I've also had a ton of short-term jobs that I've never bothered to put on my resume, but every little job I've ever had has taught me something. I've collected so much experience in the past fifteen years or so that one of my best "hire me" attributes is my Jack of All Trades nature -- I love to learn and can pick up and perform many different skills quickly.

Unfortunately, I live in a small town in southwest Florida (the closest "big" cities to me being Sarasota or Fort Myers), and work is scarce right now. Since I don't think I live near any other MeFites, I'm looking for jobs that I can do remotely.

My Skills:

I've always enjoyed writing. At all of my most recent jobs, I've been responsible for creating and maintaining promotional and marketing materials, including ad copy, product information, newsletter and website content, and technical/instructional specs. When writing professionally, I pride myself on good grammar and punctuation, as well as an ability to write for the appropriate audience. This would also make me a good candidate for proofreading and editing, or transcribing recorded material.

My typing speed is somewhere in the vicinity of 80 wpm. I'm very focused on accuracy and attention to detail when it comes to data entry.

I taught myself basic website and graphic design over several years from various books and online tutorials. I'm proficient with HTML and CSS and am comfortable with PHP and MySQL. I've created and customized several ecommerce sites using osCommerce, and am familiar with WordPress. Due to my previous employer's policies, I unfortunately cannot link to a portfolio of the sites that I built while working for them. However, if you are interested in hiring me, I could privately share some of that information with you.

I have also been called upon to provide technical support and troubleshooting on various Windows systems over the years. I'm very comfortable with computers and very, very, VERY patient and polite when helping someone who is not. Senior citizens and people who profess themselves to be "computer illiterate" love me!

I am a high school graduate. I am willing and able to do just about anything that’s legal.

Tools at My Disposal:

Microsoft Office 2007 (including Access)
Adobe CS1
My own (shared) hosting account with a well-known, reliable hosting company

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