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September 23, 2010 6:17 PM

Hi! I work for Renesys! We map the internet. We are looking for web developers, data analysts, and backend data service developers.

You: smart, flexible, gets things done. Knows Python (or Perl, or something more exotic!). Multidisciplinary, open to new techs, likes working with big data (more specific details below). We like people who are hungry and eager to learn.

All people are welcome to apply!

our jobs page

our challenge site. In your challenge submission, mention that you arrived 'via Gregg from mefi' or the like.

Full Postings:

Internet Data Analyst

For more than a decade, Renesys has observed the evolving structure and behavior of the Internet's global infrastructure, using a range of active and passive measurement techniques. As an Internet Data Analyst, you'll work as part of a small research team, discovering new ways to extract meaning from mountains of our observational data. The perfect candidate will be part scientist, part detective, part storyteller, part artist; able to work independently and creatively to invent practical techniques for understanding the Internet's evolution.

Smart, gets things done.
Intellectually curious.
Demonstrated knack for practical innovation.
Capable of working with minimal direction to generate surprising results.
Very familiar with Linux and open source development tools.
Skilled in ad hoc problem solving using Python, Perl, or both.
Extremely strong written communication skills.
Eligibility to work in the US.


Degree holder in computer science, applied math, or a related field.
Strong practical statistics background.
Exposure to automated data analysis tools.
Contribution to successful open source projects.
Hands-on experience using a distributed Linux computing environment.
Familiarity with the engineering, economic, and political realities of the evolving Internet; e.g., BGP peering, cloud computing, wholesale transit, content distribution networks, mobile data.
Is this you? Try our coding challenge or send email to (subject line: "Internet Data Analyst").

Software Engineer (Web Tier)

The software engineer is responsible for architecting, developing, and maintaining interactive Internet applications. You will work with a small team to enhance our existing products and develop completely new ones, providing real-time intuitive access to a vast data repository that is focused on the structure and status of the global Internet.

A degree holder in Computer Science or equivalent.
Familiarity with Linux and open source environments.
Skilled in Python.
3+ years experience with interactive component design and development: Javascript/DHTML, DOM, AJAX, Flash.
CSS, HTML/XHTML, XML, JSON and template technologies.
Database programming, SQL.
A solid understanding of web application programming architectures and frameworks, including HTTP, cookies, etc.
Smart, goal-oriented team player focused on producing high quality code in a timely manner.
Eligibility to work in the US.


At least 3 years of software development experience.
Familiarity with basic networking concepts.
Java and Perl experience.
Strong communications skills and graphic design sense.
Experience with GIS and/or data mining applications.
Related contributions to open source projects.

payscale: 60-90k or as appropriate given education and experience
job type: full-time
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