Redacting my master's thesis
July 18, 2010 1:30 PM

I'm currently writing my master's thesis. I'm German but I'm writing in English as my supervisors are both from France and Germany.

I'm searching for somebody to read my work and correct the argumentative structure, flow and grammar from the perspective of an english native speaker.

I explicitly won't ask you to do my work and ghost-write the thesis. I'm merely looking for an outsider's view on my feeble attempts at phrasing my research in English.

My deadline is the 31st of July and the thesis is still a bit of work in progress :) . We could start right away.

Being a student (and a poor one at that) - I won't have monumental funds to back this endeavor. I think it would be fair to set a renumeration per hour and check-in regularly with the latest status from both of us. I'm thinking about investing about a hundred bucks.

If you have a mac that would facilitate things greatly (we could install "Scrivener" on your machine and update the changes on two machines via the "Dropbox").

I'm a business major and the thesis deals with the organization of an operating room in a hospital. I believe that you shouldn't need special knowledge to read and understand my work so this is explicitly not a prerequisite. Clear thinking and a knack for "the flow" beat this hands down :) .

All the best,


payscale: ~$100
job type: contract
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