People to ship me small pieces of wood
May 3, 2010 6:09 AM

In a couple weeks I'm teaching a class about wood. I have nice books full of images of grain and discussions of density and blah blah blah, but I figure a more hands-on experience would benefit everyone in the class.

Do you have some wood hanging around? Branches or logs or old wood or green wood? As long as it can tell us something about what a larger block of that kind of wood would resemble (grain structure, sharpness of growth rings, what the bark is like) it would be really helpful. Knowing what kind of tree it's originally from would be a great bonus.

The pieces I'm looking for are as small as possible (to preserve shipping rates) but large enough to still get across something about the wood itself. I hope that isn't too vague.

I could walk around New York with a hacksaw, but that might get me arrested. Additionally, you probably don't live nearby so your trees are going to be totally different.

You'll be shipping it to Brooklyn, but I have some money set aside so I can reimburse a few people if need be.

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