Database work for media company in Portland, OR
October 12, 2006 1:26 PM

A client of mine is looking for someone who is experienced with data extraction, transfer, transformation, cleansing, other normalization based on target specs, loading into other formats etc. Their description of the gig follows.

- nonmyopicdave

We rely on Filemaker now and have some tools (Filemaker scripts) already built, so it is definitely helpful if the person is an advanced Filemaker user. If opportunities exist to find patterns and automate these processes more, they will be encouraged. They are not bound to Filemaker--any other method is acceptable, e.g. Perl/PHP and mySQL, provided it gets us the results in comparable time. Windows and MacOS platforms are available for use.

Should be able to work with both formal and informal ways in which data is provided (for example soft instructions about a group of data needing to be taken care of in a certain way over the phone, or a bunch of excel sheets that have all the info in there, but not to spec, etc)

Knowledge of image processing, different image file formats and running scripts and actions (photoshop based) is a definite plus, though not required for the short term.

Please respond to

payscale: competitive
job type: full-time
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