Web Marketing Guy with a lil' PHP experience.
July 21, 2009 9:33 AM

Basically- You're taking over my job. When I entered this position it was strictly online marketing- Yakking with bloggers, running online contests, tending to the Facebook Page, dreaming up new ways to connect with people online, sending out the monthly newsletter etc etc.

My yen to get things done combined with my Comp Sci 102 knowledge led me to create a series of custom apps that allow us to be more flexible and get things done more quickly. What this means is that it's no longer strictly a marketing gig- It's like 1/2 web development, 1/2 marketing.

So here's what you'd need to get on board:

-PHP 102 skillz. I did a lot of documentation, but if a problem pops up you need to have that core understanding of programming languages to fix it.

-HTML/CSS skillz. We have a graphic designer, but you'll need to code. Our e-commerce system is VERY flexible, which means it also breaks and bends in all kinds of ways. Being able to diagnose and fix the problem is very important.

-MySQL 101 skillz. Those PHP apps? They interact with SQL. A lot. Know your UPDATES and INSERTS and you'll be fine.

-Imagination. We don't do ads. Which means that we need to get the word out somehow. Wanna have a blogger lunch at our restaurant? Great. Make it happen. Have a cool idea for a Flash recipe book? We sort of hate Flash, but make it cool and we can bear it.

We are a small gourmet food company with big growth in the last 2-3 years and very healthy forecast for the year ahead. It also means you get free food at events, as well as take home from our own brands.

You don't have to be a programming whiz, but you do need a healthy spirit of "I can do it" or "I can find out how to do it", patience and hard work. Apply using the e-mail address below for more details.

Looking for full-time, but willing to consider part-time/freelance for the interim. NYC preferred.

payscale: 30,000-40,000
job type: full-time
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