Satellite Broadcast Engineer
September 20, 2006 7:34 AM

First off, I'm not the hiring manager for this job. I would be one of your coworkers. After seeing the job opening posts on other job sites, I believe the company is asking for the wrong things. I've worked this position for a few years now, and I'm taking it upon myself to see if any MeFites have any experience in the following areas, because this skillset is kind of a pain to come by. And I get a lovely referral fee if you get hired.

We are in need of engineering dilettants. If you know what an NTSC waveform looks like, know what I mean when I say "neg 3 dB," have any clue about networks (specifically UDP and multicast), don't mind working with high power RF transmitters at times, have ever heard of DVB-S transmission/encryption and MPEG-2 compression, ever taken a soldering gun to a monitor, and can pull a cable, you're my new best friend.

I could go on. There are a thousand other small nerdy tasks in this job that might just scratch you where you itch. Save the resumes for later; experience isn't what I'm looking for. Email me, and we'll talk.

payscale: $40,000 - $55000
job type: full-time
posted by quite unimportant to Systems/Networking

This job has been filled.

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