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August 21, 2008 11:43 AM

Rentrak Corporation is always looking for talented developers to add to our team in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

You're probably used to being the smartest developer on your team (but are too humble to admit it), and are looking for a place where you can work alongside talented peers building great software for interesting projects. At Rentrak, we're a small enough company that you can make a big difference, but we're big enough to ensure your paycheck never bounces.

Here are just a few things Rentrak programmers have done recently:
* Wrote customized extensions to Open Source tools, to process queries hundreds of times faster than commercial RDBMSs
* Built a goal-seeking system to dynamically generate optimal SQL queries for end-user data requests
* Celebrated our 3 billionth transaction processed
* Implemented software to categorize and predict consumer behavior based on television viewing history
* Created systems that predict movie sales in theaters, retail stores and video rental locations
* Gave a Tech Talk to Google about our brilliant database technology

Our teams are relatively small (three to six people), and we have a development environment influenced by XP. We have a nice open work area so our developers can share their brilliant ideas, learn from each other, expand our extensive custom libraries and work together to solve tough problems. We keep our source code base well factored and filled with unit tests.

We work with a stunningly large amount of data, and everyone here does an amazing job of turning it into something manageable. We have a very high hiring bar, and we feel that all the people who work here could easily get a job at any of the major tech companies. Our management understands this and works hard to make sure our developers are happy and productive.

We're looking for ridiculously smart developers to help us reinvent our industries. Experience with functional or dynamic object-oriented development experience is great (e.g., Lisp, Smalltalk, Scheme, Ocaml, SML, Haskell, Ruby, Unlambda, C++/STL/Boost, or advanced use of Python or Perl). RDBMS experience is also helpful, especially with terabyte-plus databases.

Rentrak's developers work with their teammates on all aspects of the development process: requirements gathering, system design, database design and tuning and, of course, lots of unit tests and coding.

payscale: competitive
job type: full-time
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