Kick-ass Graphic Designer / Web Designer
January 25, 2008 9:00 AM

My company,, is looking for an full-time, onsite designer.

We already have two MeFite's working here. Let's make it a third!

Our company is thriving, full of talented people, and never boring. If you join our team, each project you work on will be wildly different from the last one. You'll be working on our web site, developing unique graphics for our clients, and making images for our sales team to use in presentations.

Most of our work involves promoting trendy products (bands, movies, video games, etc.) to young people, so you have to have a hip, cutting edge design style -- not a super-corporate one.

Take a look at our homepage,, to see our current design aesthetic. You won't be locked into this (we want someone creative), but you should feel comfortable with the whole "web 2.0, rounded corner" thing.

We'll need you to be able to create production-ready images, which means optimized and, if necessary, sliced.

If you have any Flash, web-coding, or video skills, those are pluses, but they're not requirements.

We pay well, and there's a possibility for equity in the company.

Please do not contact us if you're a freelancer in another city. We only want to meet people willing to work in our office, which is in lower Manhattan. We will entertain the idea of relocating someone, if he or she is talented enough.

If you're a pro, you already know this, but I need to see a portfolio.

payscale: Competitive, based on experience
job type: full-time
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