Organizer/Consultant for Global Warming Campaign
September 27, 2007 5:25 PM

Work with the Union of Concerned Scientists
Los Angeles Clean Car Discount Campaign

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) has an opportunity for a highly motivated bi-lingual (English/Spanish) professional to work in the Los Angeles area to help build support for state legislation to reduce global warming pollution from cars and trucks.

Join our team
This is an opportunity to join a highly effective team of climate advocates, scientists, and organizers. UCS augments rigorous scientific analysis with innovative thinking and committed advocacy to build a cleaner, healthier environment and a safer world. UCS connects the best scientific insights with the knowledge and support of an astute citizenry and applies them to the machinery of government at all levels for a future that is free from the threats of global warming and nuclear war and a planet that supports a rich diversity of life. UCS is a powerful voice to secure changes in government policy, corporate practices and consumer choices that will protect and improve the health of the environment globally, nationally, and in communities throughout the United States.

The position requirements are listed below. This is a five- or six-month position, starting as soon as possible. To contact UCS about your interest in this consulting job, please email a resumé and cover letter to Erin Rogers at

•Bi-lingual (fluent written and spoken Spanish and English)
•Political organizing and/or campaign experience in the Los Angeles area
•Familiarity with issues related to global warming
•Familiarity with environmental, environmental justice, Latino, and other civic groups in the LA area
•Experience working with diverse communities in Los Angeles County—including, but not limited to, the areas of central, south central, and southeast L.A.
•Excellent speaking, organizational, interpersonal, and computer skills

Timeline: Roughly mid-October, 2007 through March, 2008. Ending date is flexible, based on the trajectory of the bill and the time necessary to adequately complete the scope of work. This is a consulting position and will be paid monthly, as invoices are submitted showing services provided in sufficient detail for UCS to be able to assess the progress of work.

Responsibilities: The Consultant will work with UCS staff to:

•Provide general campaign coordination, utilizing materials furnished by UCS

•Work with UCS to generate editorials and place op eds in support of the Clean Car Discount bill in local newspapers (English and Spanish language) in the Los Angeles area, with particular attention to target legislative districts.

•Work with established UCS members and activists and to help UCS identify, recruit, and engage volunteers in communities within nine target assembly districts and three state senate districts. UCS will provide the Consultant with a list of its activists and volunteers in the targeted districts. The Consultant will help identify and engage additional activists.

•Mobilize volunteers to:
oGet Clean Car Discount post-cards signed
oHelp UCS set up and conduct public speaking engagements in the districts on global warming impacts and solutions; find local co-sponsors for the events
oParticipate as constituents in district meetings with legislators

•Secure endorsements of the Clean Car Discount legislation from among various L.A. area environmental, environmental justice, civic, business, political, health, religious, and community groups.

•Assist with other Clean Car Discount campaign activities as needed and time permits

Critical to the success of this effort will be identifying key leaders from diverse communities in the target districts, helping UCS build relationships with them, and developing a plan for continuing to work with these and other leaders in the LA area on longer-term global warming and transportation-related issues.

payscale: negotiable
job type: contract
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