Full-time Python developer in NYC
August 28, 2006 11:31 AM

I'm looking for a full-time Python programmer to assist me in my work in the internal IT department of a medium-sized computer forensics firm in New York City.

The primary skill is Python, with knowledge of the Django web programming framework a huge plus (if you don't know it now, you'll be learning it). PHP and shell scripting are also nice but not required. Linux server administration would also be useful; at least some exposure to Linux, with the ability and desire to learn more, is nigh-mandatory.

Responsibilities for this position are twofold: one, doing maintenance work and secondary feature development work on a large internal intranet project, based on Django and (to a lesser extent) Plone. And two, being the lead developer on any number of smaller internal projects--our IT group supports a lab of forensic examiners and there are a lot of potential tools to be developed.

This position has a large potential for skill-set growth in just about any area--we deal with hardware, development, sysadmin and net admin stuff up, and more besides. The benefits at this firm are excellent and the culture and employees are of similar caliber.

payscale: $40,000 - $42,000
job type: full-time
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