Ruby on Rails Developer
July 3, 2007 2:16 PM

Grockit Inc. is hiring a Ruby on Rails developer to help develop a unique online game.

Our ideal developer should meet the following short list of requirements:

* Several years of web application development
* At least a year developing Ruby on Rails applications
* Several years of using Postgres and/or MySQL
* Strong Javascript skills
* Excellent code testing/debugging skills
* Excellent time management skills
* Dry (or juicy) sense of humour

We'd be thrilled if you also knew any or all of the following:

* CometD
* ActionScript and general Flash skills
* Air (formerly known as Apollo)
* Game theory

Part of Grockit's efforts towards having a smaller environmental impact include not having a physical location. We're looking for individuals who know how to truly get things done on the internet without needing to head into the "office" and be physically near their peers.

While working remotely you'll be expected to adhere to and contribute to the goals and direction of the company from the luxury of your own home/coffee shop/library/tent. Being highly available by phone, email, and IM is a requirement.

The job offers health, dental, and vision benefits.

Email from recruiters will be adamantly ignored.

payscale: 75-95k depending on experience.
job type: full-time
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