August 26, 2006 6:33 AM

You will have serious web development skills; eat PHP and MySQL for breakfast, enjoy hand crafting semantic XHTML and understand how to get the best out of CSS (regardless of the target browser). Despite this experience you want to learn something new; you've read a lot about unit testing, Javascript, Python and Ruby and are keen to start using them on a real project.

To succeed in this role you will need to be self motivated, be able to see projects all the way through and have a fanatical eye for detail. It would be a bonus if you've got any of the following:

* Python experience,
* Plone experience, or
* some computer related qualifications

Grand plans for taking over the world with the latest Web 2.0 project will not be sneered at (until we've read them, at least). Oh, and if possible we'd like to you to at least not hate obscure German electronica and Bay Area rock and roll, 'cos that's what gets played in the office.

Salary is competitive and dependent on experience. Please contact us for more details and to talk it over.

payscale: dependent on experience
job type: full-time
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