Sentimental Knitter - Single Item
April 6, 2021 8:13 AM

I started - but cannot finish - a knitted blanket for my now five month old baby. Between my toddler, the baby, the pandemic, and now my return to work, there’s just no way I see myself making progress, and spring has now fully sprung. My last hope is to have a finished blanket by the fall, when she can still use it in her stroller. The blanket is about half done. I used a simple stitch (whole thing is moss stitch) and it’s just two colors, a lighter color inside a darker border. I am hoping a person who can knit and purl and has the time can complete the project for me while injecting some kindness and goodwill (I feel guilty for not being able to finish it - I did finish a blanket for my older kid, but had so much more time then - anyway, hoping this one also has a decent love infusion). My thought was to mail the half-knitted blanket, needles, and yarn to a competent and kind-hearted mefite who can complete the blanket by the end of the summer (or sooner - we will crank the AC!). I consider knitting (especially kind knitting) to be skilled labor, so happy to pay a very fair wage, but have no idea what that should be - $20/hr? Tell me if I have undershot!

payscale: $20/hr
job type: contract
posted by prefpara to Skilled Trades/Artisan

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