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April 28, 2007 11:53 AM

A small, hip, reputable advertising agency needs someone to help plan online advertising campaigns.

You'd be involved at every level: buying media, negotiating prices, finding new places to put ads, deciding which ads to use, researching new types of online technology, matching campaigns to websites.

I'm about to run ads right here on Metafilter, because I know the site and its audience, and I've matched that to one of the campaigns I work with. You could make that kind of decision too.

The company is small and informal, and everyone has a say in everything. If you want to be part of the creative process that actually conceives the campaign and creates the ads, then you will be.

We're talking about a tightly-knit, creative atmosphere full of intelligent people. Your intelligence, creativity, and ability (and desire) to get along with the people here are much more important than your education or experience.

That being said, you ought to be the type of person who likes spending time online, who enjoys learning about new things that the web experience has to offer.

payscale: more than the crappy job you have now
job type: full-time
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