2020 CLINICAL TRIAL MALAYSIA - Treatment of Coronary Arterial Plaque
September 1, 2019 10:05 PM

Seeking suitable patients for a clinical trial for an entirely natural, herbal treatment to reduce or eliminate plaque build-up, in coronary arteries. An earlier trial conducted with people of Asian ethnicity, resulted in 70% of patients reducing their arterial build-up. The treatment is an herbal solution that is taken twice a day. During the trial you will be encouraged towards healthy decisions around diet and exercise.

This trial seeks patients of non-Asian ethnicity with demonstrable (MRI and blood test), heart plaque blockages of greater than 50%, but less than 80%.
There is no payment for this trial and it will last 12 weeks. During this time, patients will be accommodated with meals provided. Alcohol is permitted, but at your own expense.

The trial is located in the Malaysian state of Malacca. Malacca is situated 90 minutes south of the capital, Kuala Lumpur. Accommodation options are in a quiet rural village with nature walks, pool, gym and an organic farm. Or an alternative to the village setting, is accommodation in Malacca town ship. Malacca city center is a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site. Malacca township accommodation is in the center of the (relatively) busy city. The hotel has a pool and a small gym; with access to shopping, restaurants, nightlife etc. The hotel is within walking distance of the major historical and tourist areas.

Splitting the 12 weeks between the rural village and Malacca town can be discussed and as far as practical, the trial will accommodate such requests.

Selected patients are free to use their days in any pursuits they wish, but cannot seek employment. It is suitable for any remote work or volunteering in the local communities. If you're finishing your novel, thesis or research - this might suit you well. Malaysia is a moderate predominately Muslim country, with a diverse and tolerant society. As a former British colony, English is widely spoken. Malaysian culture, food and languages offer a wide variety of possible ways to fill your days. Ideally, you are happy with your own company and ready to be located in Malaysia, for 12 weeks.

12 weeks is a long time to be away from home. You may bring a friend for part of your stay, provided they can be accommodated in the same room as you. No meals are provided for your guest. All airfares are at the expense of the patient.

Note well: Malaysia and its neighbouring countries have very strict penalties for drug use. Even those well accepted and legal in the USA, like marijuana - attract severe punishment. If you are a recreational drug user - this is not for you. The trial is seeking people without criminal convictions and of mindful character; individuals who will be respectful of the community and their way of life.

If you have Coronary Arterial Plaque and are interested in an alternative natural treatment, willing to travel to Malaysia for 12 weeks and can fulfill the Malaysian Visa requirements - please contact me via MeFi Mail, with a little about yourself. If you are currently taking medication, please do indicate that. This treatment is unlikely to cause any contraindications, but will need to be assessed by the panel doctors.

payscale: No payment
job type: volunteer
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